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The Lance

The Lance

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Calling all confidence kings and party starters! The Lance is a low-rise masterpiece that hugs your curves in all the right places, leaving little to the imagination. The detachable button front adds a touch of playful intrigue – a quick snap for instant thrills.

Picture this: Hot lights, bass pulsing, and all eyes on you. The Lance Thong accentuates your every move, making you the center of attention. (Warning: May cause spontaneous dance-offs and unsolicited compliments.) Available in a range of colors that scream "muscle and mystery".

The Lance Thong isn't just for parties, though. It's your secret weapon for a night of unforgettable intimacy. (Hint: The only thing more captivating than the Lance Thong is what you wear it with...or don't).

Ready to turn up the heat? Get ready to rewrite the rules of attraction. The Lance Thong: Where comfort meets confidence and every night is an adventure.

Please note: Only underwear is sold, no harness. 

Product Details:

Material: Polyester Blends, Synthetic Leather

Material of socks: Cotton

Style: G-Strings & Thongs

Rise Type: Classic

Size Chart:


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