Our Story

Why be quiet because people want us to be quiet?  Why wear something that’s not who you are? Chances are your current underwear is nothing more than merely a covering… 

We exist to change that! 

We believe your underwear should be more than just fabric, it should be an extension of your life. Your underwear should be live music, it should be art, it should be dawn patrol and late night adventures.  Super Gay Underwear is YOU, they’re your screaming spirit, and they’re a reflection of your inner colors.

SGU was founded in 2017 by a group of best friends who were fed up with the state of underwear. With a shared determination and vision, we set out to introduce fashion forward yet affordable underwear that would be anything but “the norm”. We’re done with being suppressed and conformed, so to fight back we’ve created a selection of underwear that’s super loud and proud unlike all the mainstream brands.

Go out and be who YOU are! There is NEVER a shame in that, and if someone tells you there is, then punch 'em in the face! That’s our story, time for you to create yours.