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The Blake

The Blake

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Ready to get kinky?

This Blake BDSM Gay Sexual Leather Harness is built for bad boys who crave complete submission and restraint. The sturdy leather straps let you explore your deepest, darkest fantasies while keeping you in place for as long as your master desires. Pink accents on the straps add a pop of color to this otherwise rough and rugged getup.

When you're ready to go full 50 Shades of Pink, slip into this harness and experience sensual bondage and restriction like never before. The adjustable buckles ensure a snug, tailored fit so you can struggle and squirm as much as you'd like—you're not going anywhere until permitted.

Unleash your wildest urges with the Blake BDSM Gay Sexual Leather Harness. Your safe word is 'more, please!'


Material: Faux Leather

Item Type: Body Harness Strap

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