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A Story of Tighty Whiteys

tighty whiteys
He was definitely a man's man. Jack stared at the TV, not me. This made me comfortable enough to disrobe as well. I pulled off my shorts and then paused briefly before pulling off my tighty-whitey briefs.


the williams gay underwear
There I was sitting in front of his house. I was kind of nervous, because meeting someone offline can go either way, but at the same time he was fine—unless I was being catfished. I dialed his number 

Super Gay Underwear: The Most Comfortable Underwear I've Ever Worn

Qwear fashion - Qwear showcases LGBTQIA+ modes of expression to expand our visual representation.
As a trans woman, finding comfy underwear to tuck in that looks cute is a challenge. Thanks to Qwear’s partnership with Super Gay Underwear, I found the solution to my tucking woes that satisfies my love of color and panache!

"Bodybuilding Is Drag For Straight People"

There's a magic to understanding who you are and standing strong behind your identity. Rock is a heteronormative body builder by day and The Miss Toto, a strong femme goddess, by night...

Our Top 3 Hottest Spring Picks!

Our Top 3 Hottest Spring Picks!
Time to thaw those cute buns and prep em for Spring living. We picked out our favorite three items to get you and your buns lookin extra Super this Spring. Here are our top Super Gay picks:

6 Reasons You Need A Pajama Onesie This Winter

6 Reasons You Need A Pajama Onesie This Winter
Pajama onesies are the unsung heroes of gay apparel. Loved by the few that do wear them, and underutilized by everyone else, let's finally show the onesie the appreciation it deserves. ...