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Welcome Home, sir.

After about a week of not having my desires fulfilled, Joey was landing back in LA around 7 o’clock. As the clock ticked more and more toward his arrival, my body was becoming more and more vocal about his needs and longing anguish to be plunged deep by my lover. As I showered, I fought the urge to jack off thinking about the warmth and sensation of Joey’s dick grooving in and out of my oasis. I quickly prepared my body for the most intense and passionate love making session I was planning for Joey and I.

As the time came for me to meet Joey at our favorite Italian restaurant, I found myself very anxious. I had butterflies in my stomach the entire drive into L.A. I arrived to the restaurant first and got us a table. I had been there 10 minutes when I saw him walk in the doors of the restaurant, but I can swear I smelled his scent before I saw him. I jumped up to embrace his warm body that was adorned in a sexy black leather jacket and a see through shirt that gave me a glance at his perfect chest. Just like that I was hard and I’m sure he could feel it against his thighs since he reached down to grip my ass sending shivers down my spine. Joey knew exactly how and when to touch me and this only intensified my lust for him.

We sat and ate our food. My gnocchi wasn’t fulfilling as I only had a taste for the dick that Joey was holding hostage from me on the other side of the table. My foot was resting against his crotch that was throbbing as it grew harder and harder by the second. I could feel the blood pumping south under the ball of my foot and all I could think about was sliding the entire length of him into my hole… it was time for the check.

Joey rushes to pay the waitress while attempting to conceal his boner. I gathered my coat and phone as I made my swift exit from the restaurant. Once we made it back to my house, he entered the garage where I’d just pulled in closing it behind him with the push of a button. I could barely stand up outside of my car before Joey was pressed firmly against me kissing me as though he had been deprived of me for years like a soldier on deployment. He kissed me so deep that my enzymes were trying to break down his saliva for nutrition. My heart was beating so ferociously under my shirt that I started unbuttoning it. Joey began disrobing also. We continued to step out of our clothes as I lead us into my apartment through the side door. Our matching Omar underwear lay forgotten on the floor. 

We land on the floor with Joey falling on top of me. As we come out of our underwear, the last layer, it is obvious that we are both turned on. The precum has soaked the crotch of Joey’s briefs and I clean it up and take him into my mouth. The sensation of his hard cock throbbing in my mouth turns me on as I jack off to the rhythm of me deep throating his entire member. Joey’s long, thick, 9-inch cock swells to fill my throat as I “get it wet” per his request… In one motion, Joey grabs my leg and spins my ass toward his face as he leans up to devour my soul through my ass. Joey’s tongue does a rain dance along the rim of my asshole making me throb intensely making me more and more hungry for his dick.

I stand and face him planting kisses on him selfishly so that I can taste my body on him. I have always been turned on by the way I taste and it makes me want to cover Joey in my fluids. He plays with my nipples as we move to the couch. As he sits down on the couch his dick remains standing. I stand on the couch preparing to mount him. I slide as low as I can, guiding his dick into my love. I let out a moan as he stretches my body to fit his dick like a glove on a surgeon’s steady hand. As I get my groove, we lock eye contact that intensifies the moment. I ease him in and out of me at my own pace biting my lip to stifle the moans that fight to escape my body. The more I ride him, the wetter my ass gets sending him on a roller coaster ride of pleasure and ecstasy.

In one swift motion, Joey reaches under my legs and lays me on my back without his dick leaving from the confines of my warm, wet, pulsating, tight insides. He begins to direct the flow of our sex and I can feel him deep in my being causing me to yell from the pleasuring pain his thrusts deliver. I begin to fuck back by lifting my ass up from the couch closer to his body every time he lunges down to get deeper inside me. Joey closes his eyes and pins my knees to my chest. As I grow more verbal with my expressions of pleasure, he begins to let out moans and starts gripping my thighs harder.

He leans into my body whispering that he loves my warmth and that I’m going to make him cum with my good ass. For some reason, it does something to me when my partner tells me how good my sex is. I start to tighten my muscles around his dick as it continues its assassination on my body. I want him to cum as bad as he wants to hold it in, but my desire to drain him of his cum is no match. I reach behind his neck and draw him closer into me as I beg for him to fill me with his cum. He protests, but one steady grip that I don’t let go leads to a rush of curse words, moans, yells, scratching and warm thick passion being pumped into my oasis.

I put my hand on his lower back to signal that I’m not ready for him to exit my love. I continue to massage his softening dick with my body as he grows weaker and weaker from the orgasm he just experienced. I could feel every drop of his cum coating my inner walls that led to precum making its descent from my being in approval of all that just transpired. The week wait was worth it, but it would be mere hours before he was diving into my love pool yet again… We have a week’s worth of cum to release before we let each other get back to our real lives. His wife would be returning from a work trip herself the next afternoon so time was precious. You know how that goes…

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  • That is a story that makes me so hard and reminds me of a former boyfriend.

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