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Transparent Mesh Underwear and why I wear it!

I've always loved underwear, and there is so much about it that I love. But let's focus on a specific type of underwear, Mesh! So Mesh underwear is made from different types of mesh, there is a wide mesh that is similar to a fishnet, like "The Lincoln" there is also a micro mesh like  "The Kristaps" which is exactly what it says it is, micro, you can barely see that it is a mesh as it is so fine, then there is a lace effect mesh, looks like lace but is in fact a designed mesh to imitate lace, like "The Emiliano" There are so many more more types and styles to choose from and some underwear feature mesh panels cut-outs. 

So why do I like wearing Mesh?

I wear it to feel sexy, some may think that you only wear sexy underwear for other people, and that is just not true at all. There are definitely times that I want to look sexy for others and wear underwear to do so, and that is great, but primarily I wear it so I feel sexy. I like to look at myself in a sexy mesh brief like "The Nathan" and feel that I look good, body confidence is a powerful thing, and it is about loving all of your body, not just seperate parts. Not everyone is going to like every part of their body, there were parts that I didn't use to like and would always hide, but that is another story. Let's just say as I grew older, I came to terms with what I couldn't change and changed what I could to feel better about myself, to feel happier in my skin. So now when I look in the mirror and undress in front of other people I feel confident in how I look.


Wear it for other people.

So this part is just a small reason, there have been occasions when I have been entertaining a certain somebody, and I wanted to to appear a certain way to them, don't make me say it... ok, up for it. Because let's face it, you can't buy sexy underwear and not let anyone to see you in it. I want certain guys to see me looking sexy in my underwear, I want them to be turned on by me and what they see through my mesh underwear, it is always great to meet a guy who appreciates the underwear you are wearing, and it heightens the mood.

Wear it for comfort.

There have been a few hot days where I didn't want to walk around butt naked, and although mesh doesn't hide much, it does hide something. I love wearing "The TroyBoy" mesh shorts and Vest around the house on a hot day, this is a deigned mesh what star details. It is semi-transparent, you can only really see through it if you look close enough, so I wear it to the beach and around town on a hot day, it is super cool and I feel great in it. If you didn't want to go commando in your mesh shorts you could always wear a thong underneath, like "The Damien" to cover up. 

Wear it at the gym.

The mesh long boxer shorts "The Kristaps" are great for the gym, I sometimes like to go commando at the gym, but when I an on the treadmill I usually don't like my cock flopping all over the place, you never know when it may slip out, so I wear these under my running shorts to keep it in place, these fine mesh boxers have a convex pouch to stop your cock from getting loose. 

For a Fetish Party.

Whether you have been to one or not, or maybe it just isn't your thing, there is no denying that a sexy transparent mesh jockstrap wouldn't be a hit at a fetish party. If you like to dress scandalously like me then you should check out "The Josepf" this mesh front jockstrap, leaves nothing but dirty thoughts to the imagination.

Final thought.

Mesh underwear isn't for everyone, that's life, but for those of us who are bored by conventional and bland underwear it is our savior, of course you are going to get looks in the changing rooms, these designs, materials and colors are not the  normal thing you expect to see when someone drops their towel, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it. Underwear is a part of self expression, it reveals something about your personality, it can be as unique as you are, it shows confidence and sometimes your cock. If all it takes for you to feel confident is a sexy jockstrap then that is something worth investing in. We all want to feel good about ourselves, so let's start with some mesh underwear from super gay underwear!



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I love it because the wind blows over my junk which keeps me cool and dry. No more jock itch, plus I like the way it looks. Makes me feel confident.

Mike Logan

Sexy erotically appealing


I do like to wear the best when am with my partner which is my husband . Am gay and my partner like to see me wearing sexy underwears when am with him all the time. It look nice, feel so great plus the style of y’all underwears is the best for gay guys. Price is right.
Can you send me a catalog to my address plus
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I do appreciate if you do send one because me and my partner are going to order lots on underwears

Gilberto Navarrette

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