Throat Fucked After Work by a Customer and flowery Underwear

Throat Fucked After Work by a Customer and flowery Underwear

Think of The Jim...

Being a server and gay in the liberal city that is Austin, Texas was like gay heaven. I worked at a very popular restaurant that not only was a staple for locals but for tourists alike.

This one busy night several years back, I was sat an 10 top. For those not in the service industry that is a table of 10. This group was a rowdy one, celebrating the 35th birthday of Adam. The group consisted of both men and women and the men were all definitely gay so I played the game.

I went and introduced myself as their server. Being charming and confident I did my best to accommodate and keep the momentum of their enthusiasm going. Adam the birthday boy was hot, white, tall, dark short hair, and toned. He had bushy eyebrows and piercing blue eyes. He had a great beard and was wearing a navy jacket with a white button up and nice dress jeans. Very attractive and passible as straight.

The rest of the table was hot too, all probably rich and sassy but also friendly and seemed interested in me. Asking me questions like where I was from, if I went to school and if I had a boyfriend. Being the flirt that I am I was making sure I would get a great tip and was going along everything they said.

At one point while everyone was eating and winding down, Adam called me over and pulled me in closer to speak into my ear since the restaurant was packed and loud. He grabbed my shoulder with one arm and slowly caressed my back as he told me that he was going to take care of the bill and will also take great care of me. He winked as I laughed and said I will be expecting more than just a fat tip.

After that I realized that he keep glancing at me every every where I went. He made eye contact with me and gave me a mischievous smile every time I walked near him.

Finally after several hours of eating and drinking half of the party left. By 10:30pm it was just him and one other buddy. This other guy was definitely interested in Adam and perhaps wanted to go home with him but after another half hour he called and Uber and left.

Finally all alone, he called me over. Asked for the bill and asked if I wanted to hang out after my shift. I told him that I was only waiting on him and that I could join him as soon as he got up from my table. He paid, left me an incredible tip and told me that he would wait for me outside. I quickly went to the restroom to freshen up and change out of my uniform.

I walked outside and there he was patiently waiting for me. He was tipsy so I was a bit hesitant when he asked for his vehicle from the valet but soon realized he wouldn’t be doing any driving when his Tesla pulled up. He asked me if I knew a bar close by and gave him directions. He was so incredibly hot and was putting so much effort at making me feel comfortable with all his attention. He apologized on behalf of this friends for making me feel uncomfortable for they were all trying to make him leave his phone number for me. I told him that I am used to the attention and reassured him no one made me uncomfortable.

When we finally arrived to the bar and before getting out of his vehicle he asked me if he could kiss me. Without replying I leaned in and kissed him, we made out for a few minutes and finally pulled away and told him that we can kiss more after a few drinks.

We drank and chatted until the bar closed at 2am. He then asked me if I could come home with him. I told him that I really wanted but had to go home because of my dog. Not wanting to take no for an answer, he embraced me and hugged me as we made out. Grinding his now growing boner against me, we continued to kiss on the parking lot outside the bar. With no one in sight, I started to touch his crotch as we passionately kissed.

I started to unzip his pants and asked him if that was okay. He didn’t hesitate and said yes please. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. His body was resting on his car and I was now on my knees sniffing and licking the precum spot on his briefs. He stood breathing heavily as I played with his bulge before devouring his fat cock.

After a few minutes of teasing him I finally pulled his flowery underwear down and wrapped my lips on his fat 8 inch red cock. I started slowly but then I started to get momentum and deep throated his cock. Every time I went deep he would moan loudly. He was using his hands to pull me into his cock and then started to fuck my throat. At some point I was gasping for air but he keep ramming his dick deep inside my throat. After while he changed positions and pinned me against his navy blue Tesla and skulled fucked me up against his car.

He was was playing with nipples and ramming his cock Inside of my mouth with not one care if someone saw us. At one point a car passed by perhaps a few hundred yards away and that didn’t stop him.

Becoming a bit dominant and aggressive he at one point spit on my face as he fucked my mouth. It was so wild and hot that I was enjoying every minute of it.

After a good 15 minutes of brutal skull fucking he came inside my mouth without a warning. He once again sped up and slammed his cock deep inside my throat as ropes of cum filled my mouth.

After dumping his load inside of me, he helped me up and continued to kiss me as I jerked off and spilled my seed all over the floor.

At this point he was exhausted so I told him that he had to come home with me because he should not be driving. He didn’t hesitate and I drove us home. He was so tired that he passed out on my couch within 30 minutes.

Flowery men's gay underwear 

Found this Gem in Reddit... I guess it's a real story:

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