Blue trunks, mesh panel, neon, mens swimwear, gay swimwear.

A Sexy Day at the Beach with Supergayunderwear

 Featuring "The Wesley" and "The Lesley."

The sun was shining in Brighton, UK, and the lockdown was slowly being relaxed, and we were allowed to spend more time outside, it was the perfect time to showcase my new sexy swimwear, so I packed my suncream, towel and water bottle, then slipped on The Lesley” low rise, thong swimming trunks in white from Supergayunderwear, under my shorts.

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I have a favourite spot on the beach, just a short walk from my house, a small secluded area surrounded by large rocks that shield the area from the wind, it was the perfect place for some peace and quiet away from the busy town. As I walked along the shingle beach, I noticed that someone else also had a liking for my favourite spot. It would seem that he had just arrived as he was fully clothed and just starting to unpack his bag and lay down this towel. I kept my distance and lay my towel down near the rocks.

As I watched him out the corner of my eye taking off his clothes, I noticed he was wearing “The Wesley” mesh panel swimming trunks in blue, from Supergayunderwear, I recognized them instantly as I too had these trunks, they were almost identical to the ones I was wearing except mine were a thong and his were a brief, he looked really sexy in them, the bright neon mesh panel with matching drawstring waist really enhanced his package.

Blue trunks, supergayunderwear, the wesley, gay swimwear,bulge, Mens Swimwear, neon, trunks, mesh panel, drawstring waist.

As I stripped down to my trunks he also looked over, I looked back and smiled. Nice trunks” he said, “Are they from SGU?” 

We got chatting about Supergayunderwear and how we both loved the website. As we were talking I couldn’t help notice the big bulge inside his low rise trunks and I could see his pubic hair peeking over the top of them, I was getting so turned on that I could feel myself getting firm inside my trunks. It soon became obvious that I was excited and he looked down at my cock throbbing inside my tight trunks.

supergayunderwear, gay swimwear, blue trunks, mesh panel, mens trunks, sexy trunks, bulge.

There was nothing I could do to hide it so I just looked at it and smiled. “I’m going to cool off,” he said as he stood up and headed for the sea. I could see he was also getting firm inside his trunks as his bulge had got even bigger inside his trunks.

As I watched his perfect ass walk into the sea I pulled the drawstring waist lose and put my hand down my trunks and started to play with my cock while watching him swim around in the water, imagining him naked in the sea. 

the lesley, supergayunderwear, white trunks, mens trunks, trunks, mesh panel, neon, erotic

As he started to swim back to the shore and emerged from the sea, my fantasy had become reality as he had taken his trunks off inside the water and was completely naked walking along the beach with his trunks in his hand. 

The water was dripping off his body and his perfect hairy cock was swinging from side to side as he walked across the shingle. I quickly removed my trunks and laid them on rocks next to me. When he arrived to his towel, he wrung out his trunks and placed them next to mine on the rock to dry. “That was refreshing” he said as he lay down on this towel, his wet cock glistening in the sun as he laid there tanning.

the wesley, the lesley, swimming trunks, mens trunks, wet trunks, supergayunderwear, gay swimwear.



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