Our Top 3 Hottest Spring Picks!

Our Top 3 Hottest Spring Picks!

The frost is melting, the trees are blooming, and there’s finally more gosh darn day than night. Be gone those dreadful days of waking up in the dark to only work locked inside until finally released back into the darkness. No mas! Time to thaw those cute buns and prep em for Spring living. We picked out our favorite three items to get you and your buns lookin extra Super this Spring. Here are our top Super Gay picks:

#1 - The Avon

Romphims (romper, for him. Get it!?) are officially in - Hooray! Finally men get to be on the same playing field as women and can experience the comfieness and lightness of this one-piece game changer. They’re super cute, stylish, and comfy as anything you’ve ever worn. They make a great Spring item because it’s not totally revealing, yet it breathes and looks great inside and outside. It’s also versatile - Wear it on picnic, on a date, out to the bars, or even to class or work. You’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye with this piece.

#2 - The Grayson

What better way to keep cool and stay dry this Spring than a jock strap? The air flow from the bottom will get you feeling frisky and ready to go all day long. The Grayson is our newest one featuring a blend of spandex and cotton for ultra comfort.


#3 - The Beau

If you haven't noticed, here at Super Gay Underwear we are obsessed with bright and loud colors, so it only makes sense The Beau is one of our favorite spring undies. Its silver band looks great popping out when your topless and wearing jeans or shorts. When the jeans come off (which they inevitably will) and your lover gets one look at the design and cool colors, he will jump all over you, guaranteed.

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