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Keith in the Shower

Fuckin whip him with The Keith
“We have to hurry up and go and I still need to take a shower!”
Keith yelled into the bathroom as I showered. I paid him no mind, still singing Beyoncé and lathering my body with my favorite shea butter and coconut oil scrub. We were going to be late for the dinner party, but I had other plans before we could attend that event…. I got out the shower and dried my body and then wrapped my afro.
Keith was already walking towards the door to prepare to shower, but I stopped him dead in his tracks with a passionate kiss. It’s rare that he cannot kiss me back or refrain from getting hard when he tastes me on his lips.
“Come on, bro. We gotta go! Stop playing…”
I continue to drop to my knees and pull his boxers down revealing the hard dick he is attempting to hold hostage from me, but I’m not having it. I take his full dick into my mouth easing my muscles to allow him deeper into my throat. Keith moans and pulls my head deeper into his love. I gag and leave a stream of spit from the head of his dick to my lips that I slurp and swallow. At this point I know he’s mine.
I stand up and turn around putting his face into my neck and sliding his dick into my warm, tight, throbbing asshole that’s begging for him to slide in and calm the storm that’s rushing my body. Keith bites my neck as his dick slides beyond the rim of my hole into my sweet oasis. He grips my neck with his right hand and pulls my waist up with the left so that he can slide his fat dick in and out of my fat ass—we’re a match made in sex heaven.
I take a step forward causing him to slide out of me. I turn to face him and push him backwards 5 or 6 steps towards the bed until he is laying across the bed with his feet on the ground. Keith goes on about time again and I cover his mouth with my hand as I climb on top of him and straddle his waist.
I position myself on his dick like a cowboy about to start on a 1,000 mile journey across the wild west. As I throw my weight back and glide his love deep inside of me precum is dripping from my dick into his bellybutton and on his stomach. I’m turned on as he grabs my nipples to play with them (this makes me cum with ferocity and passion.) I bite my lip and my head falls back as I pick up the pace I’m riding him.
As I start on my mission to drain cum from Keith’s beautiful dick, he places his feet on the side of the bed frame to allow him leverage to pump inside me hard as I ride him. The harder he fucks me the wetter I can feel my ass getting. I start to cream on his dick and he tells me how ‘bomb’ my sex is as he pulls my nipples, slap my ass, and draws me in to kiss my neck. I feel numb for a moment as though all my nerve endings have reverted to my ass to join forces with Keith’s dick to make my existence crumble right in his lap.
He moans and bites his lip, squinting as though he can’t stand the pleasure transmitting through his body from mine. He drops his jaw and spreads my ass open as I can feel his cum gush inside of my warm, wet asshole as I continue to slowly drain the rest of him as I continue to ride.
Usually, Keith will cum and then make sure I cum, but this time was different. I noticed that his dick was still as hard as it was when I got out the shower. I reach behind me and grab him, reinserting his dick into me so deep that it hurts just like I love it. Keith is extremely vocal about how good the sex is and it turns me on to hear him praise my sex in such a way. It was as though Keith found salvation in the way I rode him, twisting and moving about so that every time I came back down it felt like a new position. His dick starts to throb and it was like the head of his dick was a kitchen match the way he exploded. It was so much cum that you wouldn’t have believed he came 3 minutes before.
I laid on top of his chest breathing hard, sweating, and wearing a smile. After a moment, he moved me over and proceeded to get in the shower. I couldn’t help but jack off as I watched him shower from the room as the vivid imagery of our encounter flashed through my mind. I cum so hard that my eyes feel that they’re going to cross.
After I shower again, we finally head to the dinner party. Only 30 minutes late, everything was worth it. We couldn’t stop looking at each other and smiling all night. There’s no way I’m letting Keith get away from me…
Keith in shower
This is just a whip:
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