6 Reasons You Need A Pajama Onesie This Winter

6 Reasons You Need A Pajama Onesie This Winter

Pajama onesies are the unsung heroes of gay apparel. Loved by the few that do wear them and underutilized by everyone else, let's finally show the pajama onesie the appreciation it deserves. Here are the 6 reasons you need to get yourself a pajama onesie:

Super Gay Underwear Cozy Onesies

1. It's Literally Like Being Wrapped Up In A Hug. ALL THE TIME!

You'll never want to take your onesie off because nothing matches it's coziness and warmth. No cuddle partner? No problem.

2. The Absolute Best Sleepover Go-To.

How many times do you catch yourself packing for a sleepover but can't figure out what to wear. Ugly athletic shorts? Baggy ironic t-shirt? Ill-fitting pajama pants? No more! You'll be the star of every sleepover with a pajama onesie.

3. Be A Cuddle Champion.

Put on a onesie and just watch your partner make his way toward you. They are SO soft that he won't be able to keep his hands off. "Netflix and Chill" is now officially "Netflix and Cuddle".

4. Stay Classy While Showing Off The Goods.

Definitely a hard act to achieve but accomplishable with a onesie. It's sometimes unbecoming to dress totally slutty all the time. A onesie will keep you looking classy but while showing off your bulge to keep things spicy. 

5. You'll Feel Like A Happy Little Boy Again.

Remember those fond childhood memories of joyously waking up on cool winter mornings? Well who says you can't recreate those memories as an adult!? 

6. Everyday Chores Are Transformed.

Think of those household chores you resent doing, then imagine doing them wearing a onesie. Mundane, boring tasks instantly become the best idea you've ever had. Try it out when you're studying, doing the dishes, or even cleaning the house.

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Super Gay Underwear Comfortable Onesies Super Gay Underwear Comfortable Onesies

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